How Can Christians Still Support Trump?
Understanding the Christian Conservative Perspective on Trump's Conviction Well, it’s been an interesting two weeks, right? If you haven’t been following, Trump was convicted of numerous felonies related to falsifying business records to conceal a hush payment, all while running for the presiden...
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Serial Con Artist Romy Durbin Hayden Exposed
In a disturbing wave of criminal activity, Eugene residents are being warned about Romy Durbin Hayden, a known con artist with a prolific history of fraud. With a string of charges and convictions trailing behind her, Hayden's actions have left numerous victims in their wake, and we fear more could ...
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4J Teacher's Palestinian Flag Stirs Discomfort in Jewish Students
In recent weeks, the controversy surrounding the display of a Palestinian flag in a Spencer Butte Middle School classroom has ignited passionate debates across our community. While we at Eugene Voices cherish free speech and the exchange of ideas, we also recognize the paramount importance of mainta...
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Why We Pulled Our Kids Out of 4j Schools
In today's educational landscape, parents face increasingly complex decisions when it comes to choosing the right school environment for their children. As former supporters of 4J schools, our decision to withdraw our kids was not made lightly. However, a series of concerning issues ultimately led u...
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